Infrastructure development locally and in Africa is the fastest-growing sector. Projects are getting bigger, more costly, and complex yet the human capacity to develop them is lagging. Contractors and professional practitioners alike have not been involved in mega projects limiting their ability to participate despite legislation for local content having been passed. Local resources need to be trained to meet international standards and get involved in the projects to gain practical experience.

We develop and deliver world-class training programs in Project Management, Construction Management, Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), Engineering Skills, and Professional Skills to bridge the skills gap in the market. Our facilitators have decades of practical experience in their respective fields of practice and have developed training courses for diverse stakeholders on projects. Whether you are new to projects or have been in the industry for many years we have a course that’s suited to your needs. We can also develop customized programs on request to meet the specific needs of an organization or a project team. 

Our training programs are structured in a 3-tier curriculum framework:

Awareness Level - We offer fundamental knowledge in a given area through short-duration courses and webinars. The participants are taught a few knowledge areas at a time so that they can apply the knowledge in their workplace before coming for the next training. This is more effective as compared to teaching a lot of theory within a short time and then releasing participants to go practice back at work.

Foundation Level - These are in-depth courses that are advertised to the public and run for durations between 3-5 days. These case-based, practical courses cover a subject area and zero down to application through our templates, tools, and techniques that can quickly be translated to your day-to-day application. On the other hand, such courses come with international certification for select training programs. 

Advanced Level - We offer in-house training to organizations on request as part of our consultancy offering. The courses are customized to their requirements to close targeted knowledge gaps in the organization. The target clients for this product include developers, contractors, banks, professional services firms, government agencies, and any other institution that is involved in infrastructure development. 

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Project Management Courses
Construction Management Courses
Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Courses
Professional Skills Courses
Engineering Skills Courses