About Howard Aidevo


We are a team of project professionals experienced in development and implementation of capital projects. Each expert brings decades of specialised knowledge in different aspects of project development and implementation. Our experts bring complementary skills to work side by side with your team. We are passionate about successful delivery of projects and ensure our clients projects are implemented effortlessly.


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Our Vision

We believe timely delivery of projects will open many economies in Africa. Implementing them requires expert input from people that have successfully delivered such projects in the past. Our vision is to be a respected advisory services practice that helps clients across Africa to realise their project development dream.

Our Mission

Projects are complex and need good management to control their quality, deliver them on time and within budget. Project owners get overwhelmed because of the number of teams and activities involved in developing a project. It is our mission to ensure that you sleep well at night knowing your project is flowing smoothly.

Our Services

Training Services

Our training arm, BCDIP, specialises in training programs for the construction industry. We have programs in Project Management (PM), Construction Management (CM) and Public Private Partnerships (PPP). Each program gives a choice ranging from basic courses for beginners, foundation courses to give you a solid knowledge base, and advanced courses in specialised areas. We also customise our courses to suit the need of the client in helping them improve their efficiency for project development and implementation.

Project Support Services

We support clients by providing expertise in project preparation and planning, development of project monitoring tools, and providing oversight of project teams. We ensure you have baselined project budgets and schedules, and risk management mechanisms are in place so that you can finish your project within cost and on time. Our project audit services help you see where you have inefficiencies in your project organisation and how you can fix them.