About Howard Aidevo


We are an experienced team that intimately understands the development and implementation of large capital projects. Each expert brings years of specialised knowledge on different aspects of a project. Our strategic partnerships ensure that every phase of your project is addressed making us your partner from the moment you conceptualise your project to when you commission it. We are passionate about delivering high quality infrastructure on time and budget.


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Our Vision

We believe that timely delivery of infrastructure projects will open many economies in Africa. Mega projects require heavy funding and expertise to deliver them on time and budget. Delays and overspend will cripple the anticipated economic growth. Our vision is to be a respected advisory services practice that will enable both private and public sector clients realise their infrastructure dream.

Our Mission

Projects are phased because they are complex and require a phase to be signed off before proceeding to a new one. Our knowledgeable experts are intimately familiar with the difficulties in each phase. We help you break down your project into achievable tasks. It is our mission to stay with you through all the phases and ensure that you sleep well at night knowing your project is flowing smoothly.


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We are your partner of choice when you want to simplify your project. Too many teams are involved in a large project making it feel like a fragmented puzzle. Our team stays by your side ensuring that you take control from the begining to the end of the project.


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