Who We Are

We are a team of experienced professionals who have been involved in development and implementation of large capital projects. Each expert brings a wealth of knowledge in their area of specialisation. We have an intimate understanding of all the project phases from concept development, project preparation, funding the project all the way to implementation and commissioning. Through our strategic partnership with Owner Team Consultation (OTC) we bring you a team with complementary skills that understands the challenges of implementing projects in developing economies. Our passion for delivery of high quality infrastructure drives us to give our clients the ability to implement their mega projects efficiently.



Our Experts

Our team brings together experts with extensive experience in infrastructure projects. Each has specialised skills so as to cover every phase of your project. 

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Our Services

We ensure that your project is covered from cradle to grave through a set of services that are designed to give a seamless flow throughout your project.

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Owner Team Consultation

Our strategic partnership with OTC brings you world class project and construction management methodologies, systems and tools. 

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