Do you sometimes wonder where to start when you embark on developing and implementing your project? Does it feel like there are too many teams giving you a lot of information that leaves you confused and overwhelmed? When you work with us we simplify your project by taking it through a structured process with hold points to allow you time to review and approve the next step. Our set of services roll over the project phases to give it a seamless and controlled flow.






We help our clients take control of their project from start to finish ensuring they complete it on time and within budget. We bring proven techniques and knowledge that help you transition phases and tie your project seamlessly.

  • Independent Advisor to the project owner
  • Support to project boards
  • Setting up PMOs
  • Coach to project execution teams
  • Project team effectiveness analysis
  • Distressed projects support
  • Project lessons learned facilitation
  • Post project audit and review


A project that is prepared well is only successful if it is constructed properly, adheres to quality specifications and has minimum disruptions. Many projects stall because important aspects such as stakeholder engagement, strategies for managing contracts and good dispute resolution mechanisms were overlooked.

  • Reviewing project contracting strategies
  • Construction start up support
  • Stakeholder management support
  • Independent claims review
  • Claims management and dispute resolution
  • Construction monitoring and oversight


Clients that implement large projects face the challenge of not having enough experienced people to allocate to their projects. Sometimes staff with low competency levels are assigned to complex projects leading to difficulties in executing them. Matching staff to projects that match their skills level is key to delivering projects on time with minimum cost overruns.

  • Project and Construction Management training
  • Coaching and team development
  • Developing project staff job descriptions and career systems
  • Project staff allocation strategies
  • Trainings

Strategy and feasibility

Our experts have expansive knowledge in the front-end phase of a project which is critical to setting up your project for success. We help clients take their projects from idea to a viable project that will attract funding and be implemented efficiently.

  • Developing project concepts and options
  • Feasibility studies
  • Independent review of feasibility studies
  • Analysis of project development options
  • Development and review of the project business case