Rose Kananu,
Managing Director

Our Managing Director has over 16 years experience as a project manager. She understands the project life cycle having worked on projects from concept to implementation.  

She is a civil engineer and holds an MBA from the Eller School of Business, University of Arizona.  She has worked in the USA, South Africa and Kenya in various capital project roles for global companies including ExxonMobil, Sasol and PwC.  

Rose believes that infrastructure development in Africa will be fast tracked through good project and construction management. Her vision is to grow Howard Aidevo Consulting into a pan-African advisory practice serving clients who develop infrastructure.

She is the Vice President for Membership in the Project Management Institute (PMI) Kenya Chapter, and has a passion for building project talent. Her experience in developing project career paths, training curriculum and professional certifications is key to building capacity for implementing projects.

Message from our MD

When they run into head winds project owners ask themselves where they might have gone wrong. They can start with a clear picture of the completed project and only need expert input to develop and implement it. In Some cases they have  many project ideas and need someone to help them choose and develop the best option.

Despite many hours spent on designing and pricing the project they still experience excessive project spend, face recurrent delays, encounter difficult contractors or simply lack sufficient project staff to complete the project. Studies show that most projects fail because of poor project management, not poor design.

Good project managers know that a project needs to be planned well, designed effectively, priced efficiently and paused at the end of each phase for review and approval. Inadequate planning and not conducting robust due diligence leads to many problems during the project and can cause it to stall.

Project owners need to take a step back from the project in order to appreciate the evolving changes and anticipate problems. An experienced project advisor helps the owner understand how each project team fits into the big picture, and know which levers to pull in order to steer a runaway project back on course.